Roof inspection

Roof Evaluation Services

Service area; Toronto, Peel, York, Durham, Barrie, Halton

Comprehensive roof condition evaluation is critical to identify improvement

opportunities that will reduce ownership costs and maximize roof service life.

SMC Group’s evaluation procedures are built on thoroughness and accuracy.

We examine the existing roof system to identify the cause of defects, the

extent of damage and the potential impact on future roof performance.

You receive a written report that outlines your roof’s history, composition and condition of each component—illustrated by detailed roof plans and photographs. Gathering this information at the start as part of a roof inspection helps us keep budgets and timelines on track, and helps you receive a cost-effective roofing solution.

Evaluation Services:

  • Assess roof condition
  • Identify roof deficiencies
  • Determine causes
  • Record conditions with digital photos
  • Prioritize roofing needs
  • Complete detailed roof drawings
  • Provide maintenance/repair/replacement recommendations
  • Supply 5-year budgeting and management plan

These services are designed to meet three primary objectives:

  • Protect the investment and building occupants
  • Reduce long-term roofing expenditures
  • Increase management efficiency
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