Permanent Solution for Roof Edge Safety

Safety recommendations for the protection of maintenance personnel in countries all over the world are moving to a “hierarchy of safety” where collective fall prevention solutions, as provided by SMC Group installed systems, are preferred over singular fall protection alternatives such as harnesses and wire systems. Collective fall prevention and fall protection can be achieved with the use of non-penetrating roof rail systems. Lifeline, fall restraint, and fall arrest systems require individual equipment and specialized training. A non-penetrating roof rail system acts as a passive barrier and protects all personnel, even those who may access the rooftop infrequently. A Roof Edge Railing System works along side your existing personal fall protection devices.

Our Systems Offer Flexibility and Custom Solutions

Our modular component system offers maximum flexibility for your rooftop configuration. Almost any flat or low slope roof up to 3 degrees can be accommodated. Your individually engineered Fall Protection System can be used for bi-level or multi-level roofs, can be adapted to varying angle or circular configurations, and can be customized to accommodate ladder ways, rooftop equipment, or other rooftop obstructions.Type your paragraph here.

SMC Group is a leading supplier & installer of fall protection solutions, safety railing systems, ladders and safe access equipment for working at height.

Why use our railing system for fall protection on a low slope roof?

  • A guardrail system removes the risk of workers reaching a position from which they could enter into a free fall situation.
  • There is no training involved – everybody knows how to use railings.
  • It is the safest way to provide fall protection for people who work near the roof edge according to many safety consultants.
  • No annual inspections, maintenance, training, additional equipment or other hidden costs.
  • No penetration of the roof membrane. Therefore, no possibility of a leaking roof and expensive repairs
  • Collective fall protection. This means that the number of people that can be on a roof safely is only limited by the size and strength of the roof.
  • Simple counterbalance construction of fall protection system makes installation easy and straightforwardIn all safety matters the simpler the solution the better.
  • Fall protection railing system should always be considered when possible when choosing a fall protection system.

Systems Installed Meet the Standards

  • OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.23
  • OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1926.501, 29 CFR 1926.502
  • Canadian National Building Code,,
  • Ontario Building Code Section,,
  • EN ISO 14122: PT3 & EN 13374