Flat Roofing Contractors in Toronto

We help owners and managers keep their projects on track from project conception through to the selection of contractors, planning, tendering, managing, completion and finally closeout. From concept to closeout, SMC Group’s management team has the hands-on expertise to handle your construction projects with a focus on:

  • Construction Safety
  • Time Management
  • Cost Management
  • Decision-Making
  • Resource Management
  • Project Control
  • Planning

As your representative, our approach includes minimizing design and construction costs, project delivery times, and life cycle costs while maximizing project flexibility and value through strong communication and process development. Our talented staff can augment your existing staff or team to work on your behalf when no staff is available. We collaborate with you to tackle the day-to-day responsibilities, while keeping an eye on the bigger picture.

Our project management, consulting and general contracting services are designed to deliver projects on time and on budget. Our goal is to extend the service life of your buildings through quality of service, maintenance and materials. Our people and systems are focused, providing the optimal return on our client’s dollars. Our attention to detail and approach to a client’s project is built into our methodology for project success. We typically become an integral part of our clients’ team and help create a win-win between savings and value-added services.

​​Our Project Management Services can be rapidly deployed and economically scaled to projects of any size or duration and can be tailored to meet the exact need of your project – no more and no less than required. Our team will work with your internal managers to ensure we deliver a seamless experience and a successful outcome.