Flat Roof Replacement Toronto

TPO roofing is an efficient, cost effective option for commercial and industrial roofs. TPO roofing membranes have now been part of the roofing industry for 20 years and has become the leading segment as far as total volume used on an annual basis.

Saving money on energy bills is becoming a bigger priority for businesses everywhere, and having the right roof on your commercial building can make a major difference. Thermoplastic-Olephine roofing, or TPO, is a great option to make your roof more efficient and help reduce your energy bills.

TPO is designed to reflect UV rays, limiting the amount of exterior heat that gets into the building. This lowers the need for air conditioning, helping reduce your utility bills. TPO is very durable and long lasting, limiting the cost of repairs or replacements down the road. As an added benefit, TPO roofing is made from recycled plastic and is very environmentally friendly.

TPO roofing is an ideal commercial/industrial roofing type because it is applied in large rolls fully adhered or mechanically fastened. Its durable material is essentially waterproof and reflective of UV rays.

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Why TPO?

Cost considerations, ease of fabrication, and potential for improved performance come to mind. As compared to vulcanized EPDM rubber, TPOs can be welded and reprocessed like other thermoplastics. Yet by containing EP rubber within the TPO, low-temperature flexibility is very good. By not needing plasticizers (required by PVC and CPE), shrinkage and aging through plasticizer loss is less of a factor. The absence of chlorine in the polymer chain suggests that these membranes may be “greener” than those that contain chlorine.

Common thicknesses for TPO are 45 and 60 mils, but 80 mils is also available when increased impact and puncture resistance is needed.Type your paragraph here.