SMC Group is the leader in infrared roof inspections throughout Ontario

Our roof inspection services can reduce your annual repair budget by evaluating your roof system and identifying water intrusions prior to major structural damage caused by water infiltration. The infrared roof moisture survey is the overall diagnostic procedure SMC Group uses to inspect a roof’s condition. Infrared thermography allows us to locate moisture laden areas during nighttime scanning. We typically follow-up with a daylight visit for surveying, inspecting, and documenting to provide clear data on what a roof’s condition actually is. The entire roof moisture survey takes place without penetrating the roof surface unless core sampling is requested.

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Many leaks can be difficult to find and can leak for many years without showing signs of water damage inside the building. In some cases patching the suspected area may be sufficient. However, it has been our experience that in many cases, that visually sourcing roof leaks can be difficult, ineffective, and time consuming. SMC Group uses infrared thermography to spot thermal anomalies in your GTA and Ontario area roof system. This method allows for many leaks to be tracked, verified, and repaired. In fact, many commercial roofing systems now require an annual infrared roof inspection to maintain the manufacturer’s original warranty. It is proven that many roofs leak within the first two years of service. This typically is because of improper installation of the roof system.

The annual cost of an infrared roof inspection is far less than the impact of a substantial water intrusion. Every new building should have an infrared roof inspection during its final commissioning process. This will not only identify active roof leaks, but establish a baseline for annual testing. During our first visit to your roof, we will thermally document the entire roof system so it can be compared during subsequent annual inspections. This baseline documentation service is absolutely free with our annual service program.

Commercial roof inspections are typically completed just after sunset and after a dry, warm, sunny day. Just after sunset the roofs surface will begin to cool, moisture trapped within or under the roof decking will stay warmer longer because of “solar loading” from the heat of the day. Our high-resolution infrared camera can detect the “warmer” areas and document these areas of concern. We can typically track the intrusion point and identify the areas in need of repair.