Flat Roof Consulting in Richmond Hill and Toronto

Analysis of project-specific requirements and performance goals is an essential first step in the roof design process.

Selecting a roofing system and choosing the right contractor are critical decisions. SMC Group helps you cut through the clutter of choices, saving you time and helping you make the right decisions. We look at insurance requirements, energy codes and other design criteria to maximize the performance of your roof while minimizing its cost.

Through submission of a Design Review Summary (DRS), SMC Group will outline the best re-roofing alternatives, including the merits and shortcomings of each option or product. The DRS will include a cost estimate for the reroofing alternatives.

Bidding requirements and the legal parameters of the contracting parties are also defined. Comparable and competitive bids are then solicited from qualified, reputable contractors to obtain the best possible roof system.

Our Design & Bid Process

  • Analyze roof design options
  • Develop detailed, site-specific plans and specifications
  • Prepare complete bid documents
  • Qualify roofing contractors
  • Conduct pre-bid meeting
  • Evaluate bids