Optimize your CapEx and Reduce Risk with SMC Group’s Roof Asset Management Program (RAMP) and Construction Project Management Services.

1. Specialized in multi-facility management, SMC Group’s Roof Asset Management Program (RAMP) and Construction Project Management services are tailored for cost-effectiveness and timely delivery, aligning with the CapEx business goals of data centers, food and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, and real estate investment trusts.
2. Our solutions, centred on quality, are uniquely tailored to meet the specific demands of clients managing sensitive operations across multiple facilities. What sets us apart is our client-centric approach, ensuring you – the client – are at the core of our operations.
3. Our predictive roof management, stringent regulatory compliance, and customizable solutions align with your financial planning, providing a competitive edge with enduring post-completion warranty support, fortifying your property portfolio and ensuring seamless oversight of your diversified facilities.
4. With a wealth of knowledge and an extensive network, we excel in developing national programs tailored to your portfolio. We collaborate with a diverse range of manufacturers and qualified, licensed contractors, ensuring an unbiased approach in recommending solutions. This impartial expertise, combined with our capability to work with various products, significantly enhances the value we bring to multi-site business owners, aligning precisely with your broader operational goals.

Why Choose SMC Group’s Roof Asset Management Program (RAMP) or Construction Project Management Services?

10 Things We Do Better Than The Competition

Cost Control

We always get our clients their money’s worth


Safety is our Number 1 priority.


We take charge of every stage of every project

Your Time

Our clients spend less of their time on problems & stress

Solution Driven

We focus solely on providing solutions to meet your needs!


We enforce all processes, standards and procedures


We pride ourselves on availability and a consistent service


Open communications, ethics and no hidden agendas


Trust is earned, it is the essence of what we do, trust us to lead


We make sure services/repairs do not interrupt your business

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