What Sets Us Apart?

It comes down to our commitment to you and your project. Exceptional responsiveness and dependability. Unbiased knowledge and expertise. A practical approach to your projects and needs. Long lasting relationships that help continually increase the cost-effectiveness of your projects.

Why SMC Group?

With our expertise we are able to bring all elements of the process under one umbrella. This single source approach to projects will allow you to focus on your core expertise while we handle all your project needs. As a result your staff can focus on their core competencies thus making your organization more effective, competitive and successful.

Our Approach

Whether you are managing roof or pavement assets, the goal is the same – to maximize service life and performance of the asset for the lowest possible cost. We are an independent, unbiased team of specialist dedicated to meeting your best interests. You set the pace and we will help you pull together some impressive results.

With SMC Group, you have the power of a professional team of dedicated specialists providing you with solutions. From evaluations, design and construction management to assessments, specifications and construction control we can help you better manage your assets.

the SMC Group Advantage

The SMC Story

Our mission is to provide unbiased information, project management and support services that will assist in the planning and safe execution of every stage of every project.

Keeping up with the pace of your facility management needs on your own can be an immense task. Finding the experience and expertise to help do so is key. Putting together a dedicated, cohesive team that not only understands your objectives, but also embraces them, will keep your facility goals in focus.

Your Dedicated Team of Professional Roofing Services Experts

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, using a competent and experienced consultant is cost-effective in several ways. You save your valuable time and energy by permitting us to allocate the significant amount of time required to inspect, evaluate, and handle contract documents as well as secure the appropriate contractors for the job, and spend the necessary time with them in review of each job.

We save you money by developing proper designs and specifications from the start, thereby dramatically reducing the potential for long-term problems. In general, we are able to substantially reduce the life cycle cost of your asset.

When you call in contractors to get bids their primary goal is to get the job. This often results in a less than optimum solution to your roofing/paving problem with the contractors trying to find shortcuts that will win them the project.

SMC Group will work closely with you to design and specify a cost effective high quality solution.

We have developed an arms-length professional relationship with many contractors and manufacturers. We invite a minimum of three to five contractors to most projects based on their past performance, their ability to provide the manpower for a particular type and size of project, and being pre-approved by the manufacturer(s) whose system was selected for the project. In areas where we do not have a strong history with the contractors we rely on the roofing system manufacturer to provide us with names of their best contractors in that area.

Not at all! Many small projects have several details that require attention. Many small projects also tend to be over critical areas of the building such as electrical rooms, communications and data processing.

In selecting a roof consultant you should create a checklist of items that are important for you and your organization and then prepare a Request for Proposals (RFP) or Request for Quotation (RFQ) based on these requirements.

The RFP or RFQ may ask the consultant to provide information such as professional qualifications and practical experience, specific experience with the roof types on your facilities, professional liability (errors and omissions), general liability and worker’s compensation insurance coverage and client references.