Thank you very much for your interest in our Total Roof Management Program. We are confident that you will find our Roof Management Program a valuable investment benefiting the service life of your buildings.

SMC Group’s roof operations offerings are built from the ground up to help extend the service life of your investment. Preventative maintenance is achieved through putting systems in place that catch and deal with maintenance and repair issues early on, before they grow into larger more costly problems. This requires a written maintenance check programs, detailed maintenance documentation and regular maintenance visits.

If your roof system is under a manufacturer’s warranty at present, these inspections are required and must be documented in writing with verifiable dates, times and photographic confirmation of inspection, damage and/or repairs of same. By not maintaining a new roof you risk voiding the entire warranty.

When you have multiple buildings with many different tenants, managing the roofs can be a daunting process. With their countless intricacies, roofs can be an overwhelming experience for real estate owners and managers. Although roofing is only a small portion of the entire investment picture, it is often the costliest to replace and maintain.

What’s included in our Total Roof Management Program;

  • Two roof inspections per year with detailed reports.
  • Maintenance and repair recommendations.
  • One roof infrared moisture scan per year with report.
  • Document and manage emergency service calls.
  • Detailed maintenance and repair log.
  • One contact, one dedicated roof manager for your building.
  • * Optional – Preventive Maintenance, Minor Repair and Leak Response Program (additional cost based on roof size, type, access, number of units and projections).

Reduce Maintenance Cost With Our Total Roof Management Program

Preventive Maintenance, Minor Repair and Leak Response Programs

SMC Group shall provide annual (once per year) preventive maintenance and minor repair services on all low slope roof sections. At a minimum, the preventive maintenance and minor repair scope shall include the following:

Debris Removal

  • Clean and remove all leaves and growing plants from roof surfaces, gutters, downspouts and other roof / building components.
  • Remove any other debris, construction material or other foreign or abandoned items from the roof surface.
  • Dispose of all material in approved waste receptacles on site or in any legally acceptable manner offsite if no waste facilities are available on site.
  • Inspect and clean all drains, scuppers, gutters and downspouts.
  • Check all drainage system components to confirm proper operation
infrared scan roof inspection
repair minor roof leak

Preventative Maintenance and Minor Repair

  • Inspect and repair minor roof defects as necessary (splits, tears, holes, etc.).
  • Reseal, as necessary, roof penetrations, equipment curbs, skylights, miscellaneous flashings, etc., using products that are compatible with existing roof systems.
  • Re-attach any loose or disconnected metal work (flashings, counter-flashings, gutters and downspouts) and seal for water and air intrusion and check for proper fit and water-tightness during the inspection process
  • Fill sealant pans.
  • Locate, photograph and report conditions that require permanent repair methods.
  • Report to client any conditions that are health and/or safety related.
  • Report to client the accumulation of foreign or contaminated material.
  • We shall photograph and record all preventative maintenance and minor repair activities, the date performed, before and after photos and include all information in the roof information database required as part of this program.

24/7 Leak Response Call Center

As a Roof Consultant, SMC Group can provide a phone and email-based call center to be utilized for leak calls and other roof-related emergencies to include dispatch of contractors and verification of requirements and work completed. This call center provides:

  • an integrated process to assess roof-related problems
  • select and dispatch a qualified contractor to perform temporary and permanent repairs
  • document completed work and provide quality control/quality assurance
  • maintain current information in the client’s roof asset management database
  • provide daily, weekly and monthly reporting on the status of all reported roof issues and coordinate quality control and invoice for client
emergency roof leak service

SMC Total Roof Management Program

Our roof management program offers a lot of benefits for both you and your tenants. If you are interested, we can talk about details and a pilot program rolled out for one building. If you need any other information concerning this offer or our Preventive Maintenance, Minor Repair or Leak Response Program, please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience.