signs your commercial roof needs repair

Your commercial roof protects your building, employees and valuable products and equipment from the outside elements. It is important to keep it in good shape so that you can have peace of mind that your property is going to be safe from water damage and secondary issues like mold. If you have an old roof or notice signs that the roof in not in tip-top shape, it is important to get help from a commercial roofing company as fast as possible.

Visually cracks or holes in your roof, ponding water, ripples or tears in the membrane, or missing perimeter flashing are signs that should not be ignored. You may also need to get your roof replaced if it is leaking badly. In some cases, your roof can be repaired, but it is important to have it checked out by a qualified professional. If you have an older roof, it might be a better investment to go with a new roof that will keep your property safe for many long years. If you maintain your roof, it should last 20 plus years. If you do not, you may need another one in as little as 13 years.

Watch out for water spots on your ceiling. They can let you know that you have a leaky roof. Water runs down a roof deck, so leaks on your ceiling may not match up with exactly where the leak is coming from. An expert roofer will be able to find your leaks and let you know the best way to resolve your issues.

If you notice visible corrosion of the roof deck, you should get professional help. Structural problems should always be taken seriously. If you notice any signs of roof damage, go ahead and contact a registered roof consultant with RPO and RRC designation to inspect your roof and offer honest and helpful advice. If you want to protect your building and everything inside of it, make sure your roof is in good shape and proactively maintained.

These are just some of the interesting facts included in the following infographic. Take a look to learn more about other signs your commercial property needs a new roof.

When your commercial flat roof needs replacement