With the harsh winter season in Newmarket and the rest of the GTA, rain, sleet, snow, and ice are all predictable types of precipitation you can expect to land on the surface of your roof. Letting any of this moisture into your Newmarket business through weaknesses in your roof always guarantees there will be some level of water damage at the end of the day.

The Results of Water Damage from a Leaking Roof

The slightest leaks in your flat roofing can lead to interior structures and assets becoming damaged by water. It can be from direct water contact or suddenly developing a mold problem that was not there previously. It can lead to having to replace:

  • Wallboard
  • Flooring
  • Eaves
  • Underlayment of roofing or floors
  • Wiring and electrical fixtures
  • Insulation
  • Building structure materials
  • Equipment
  • Furniture, and more

Finding and stopping roof leaks is no small matter that needs to be ignored. Our Newmarket roofing specialists know exactly where to look and how to solve roof leaks.

Put Your Trust in Newmarket Roofing Leak Solutions

Our SMC Group roofing contractors have all the knowledge and testing equipment on hand to give you an honest assessment and analysis of your Newmarket roof. It helps determine whether water intrusion has already happened. Using our inspection methods gives you the data you need to make a more informed choice of seeking a replacement or getting problems repaired.

SMC Group is dedicated to supporting Newmarket property owners with flat roof maintenance and repair projects. Contact us today for a quote!

Prevention Measures as Your Best Defence Against Water Damage

Every step you take to strengthen your roof and keep water out adds protection to all areas of the interior of your Newmarket business. One leak in the roof can cost you thousands in future repairs. We offer roof leak protection that is accurate, fast and provides a lasting resolution of the water intrusion. Get the roof of your commercial building on a routine roof inspection and maintenance plan to avoid costly leaks before they grow into gigantic and expensive problems. Call us for all of your leak situations and we’ll troubleshoot to find the problem quickly.

Commercial Flat Roofing Newmarket

SMC Group understands the type of damage water can do when left unchecked. Once given a chance to enter your Newmarket commercial building, you can expect everything from wood rot, damaged items, destroyed flooring, mold, and much more that has to be removed and replaced. We work hard to locate and fix the source of the problem affordably. Our repair team is available 24-hours a day, every day of the week. Call 905-218-3507 to request our rapid-response team to come to your location and tackle a sudden roof leak.

SMC Group offers the most comprehensive roofing services in Newmarket for commercial buildings we can:

  • Inspect all types of roofing for current condition
  • Locate areas of damage or other repair needs
  • Remove and replace old roofing
  • Design, plan, and install new roofing
  • Routine maintenance duties

Don’t let a roofing leak, big or small, cost your Newmarket business thousands of dollars in water damage repair. SMC Group is ready to come out and perform the necessary assessments and repairs today.

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