Commercial buildings with flat roofing are a common sight throughout the Brampton area. You don’t want to trust the maintenance and repairs of this type of roofing to anyone without the right experience. Our SMC Group roofing contractors are RRO or RRC designated and familiar with the needs of all types of commercial roofing, including flat roofing.

Flat Roof Maintenace

Investing in a Brampton commercial building that has a flat roof will require a different level of maintenance than other types of roofing. Some flat roofing is made of materials that are placed in long, flat sections and serve to reflect light away from the surface of the roof. Other types of flat roof require a layer of small pebbles to be set in place over the surface. Our roofing specialists can identify the materials quickly and recommend the best course of action for continued maintenance.

Keep Excess Weight Off the Roof

Not much can damage a flat roof faster than using it to store heavy items, allowing heavy snow to accumulate, or sunken spots that encourage water to collect in one spot. Adding enough weight can cross a tipping point and cause collapse or failure of the materials. It can cause extensive damage to the business and is dangerous for anyone in the building at the time.

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Monitor Your Built-In Weak Spots

Any vent, chimney, or skylight placed on a flat roof is an automatic weak point for moisture intrusion that needs to be monitored. Water follows the path of least resistance route, which would lead directly down into your Brampton business. The edges of these structures need to be waterproofed where they meet the roof.

When Will my Flat Roof Need Replacement

Many factors determine when your Brampton flat roof is beyond repair and needs to be replaced. A few of these factors are:

  • Age of the roof
  • Regular maintenance performed
  • Whether timely repairs happened

No roof will last forever, but you can get better mileage by doing the uncomplicated flat roof repairs and maintenance along the way. It can often add 5 years or more to the lifespan.

Commercial Flat Roof Brampton

If you’ve recently purchased a Brampton commercial building with flat roofing and are unsure of the overall condition, our roofing specialists can complete a thorough roof inspection that includes the latest technology to determine the strength and lasting power of your roof. We look for tell-tale signs of age, water damage, and leaks.

New Flat Roof Installation or Replacement

SMC Group roofing experts can design and install a sound flat roof on any new commercial construction, or replace any existing flat roof with one that will last for decades. Get with our commercial design team today and begin making the necessary plans to install a roof that has real lasting power and looks great. Call us at 905-218-3507 for all of your roofing needs. We are licensed, insured and all roofing contractors are RRC or RRO designated. We even offer 24-hour rapid response emergency leak repairs.

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