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Our Approach

Whether you are managing roof or pavement assets, the goal is the same - to maximize service life and performance of the asset for the lowest possible cost. We are an independent, unbiased team of specialist dedicated to meeting your best interests. You set the pace and we will help you pull together some impressive results.

What sets us apart?

It comes down to our commitment to you and your project. Exceptional responsiveness and dependability. Unbiased knowledge and expertise. A practical approach to your projects and needs. Long lasting relationships that help continually increase the cost-effectiveness of your projects. 

Why SMC Group?

With our expertise we are able to bring all elements of the

process under one umbrella. This single source approach to projects will allow you to focus on your core expertise while we handle all your project needs. As a result your staff can focus on their core competencies thus making your organization more effective, competitive and successful.

The SMC Story by Gabe Kosztrub - Director 

Sometimes good knowledge comes from bad experience. I once worked as a sales manager providing waterproofing solutions to industrial and commercial clients. Part of my job was to manage large projects, but I was struggling with the work performance of the contractors. It was a challenge getting the contractors to show up on time, follow safety procedures, install materials as specified and communicate effectively throughout projects.

As you can imagine, this disorganization placed a lot of stress on my customers who were already busy with their own lives and day-to-day tasks. On top of it all, my boss wanted me to spend more time selling and less time managing projects, but focusing on one instead of the other only magnified the problem. 

I realized then and there that for many companies, there is often a huge disconnect between the customer, the sales team, the contractor and the materials supplier. I started SMC Group with the primary focus of bridging this gap. Our mission is to provide unbiased information, project management and support services that will assist in the planning and safe execution of every stage of every project.

"Roof Consulting" in Toronto

SMC Group - roof surveys

Your Dedicated Team of Professional Roofing and Paving Consulting Experts

Keeping up with the pace of your facility management needs on your own can be an immense task. Finding the experience and expertise to help do so is key. Putting together a dedicated, cohesive team that not only understands your objectives, but also embraces them, will keep your facility goals in focus. 

With SMC Group, you have the power of a professional team of dedicated specialists providing you with solutions. From evaluations, design and construction management to assessments, specifications and construction control we can help you better manage your assets.